Everyone Should Own a Sex Toy or Three, For Health, Well Being, and Fun!

Todays Sex Toys Open Up a New Realm Of Pleasure and Adventure!

Talking openly about sex is no longer taboo and millennials will chat about sex with their friends; while the baby boomer generation although still a little conservative about sex are slowly opening up to do the same. Technology has become a part of relationships in fabulous sex toys for men and women which can be used for self-pleasure or to make your sex life exciting and adventurous.

If you don’t own a sex toy already you should certainly go out and buy one and when you do a whole new world of excitement and pleasure open up for you in the bedroom. Every woman should own a vibrator for the ultimate pleasure

Adult Sex Toys Vibrator for people with a vagina

The Juicy Healthy Benefits of Owning Adult Sex Toys…

Those that already own sex toys will tell you that they go far beyond making sex more enjoyable both for masturbation and using them with your partner.  Enjoying regular sex and orgasms is healthy and relaxing afterwards with the orgasm enhancing your well being and overall moods.

Regular masturbation for men promotes a healthy prostrate while for women it keeps the vagina supple and sensitive while promoting healthy blood flow to the area.

Sex toys further allow men to lose their inhibitions which can cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation while improving libido and sex drive, and for women that have difficulty orgasming during normal sex can use these toys to enjoy explosive orgasms.

For couples, sex toys open up new avenues of exploration for spicing up intimacy in the bedroom and men can use them to lengthen foreplay for their partner to get turned on beyond the point of no return just before having sex.

Sex is no longer just in the missionary position with the lights off, but now a new realm of exploration and adventure in your masturbation and intimacy are wide open when you use the wonderful ranges of sex toys now on the market.

Women that cannot achieve orgasms through normal sex can use a vibrator while men have many options of their own to choose from including the new range of incredibly beautiful realistic silicone dolls now on the market.

Beautiful Silicone Sex Toys for men real dolls

Adult Toys Fantasy and Pleasure Unleashed for Men and Women

Television series like ’50 Shades of Grey’, ‘Californication’ and ‘Sex and the City’ have sparked a brand new culture when it concerns having sex and buying sex toys online is now pretty simple, with huge selections of adult toy stores now accessible offering discreet browsing and shipping right to your doorstep.

Sex toys are not even a new phenomenon either dating as far back in time to ancient Romans and Greeks that used them and there were certainly some amazing contraptions available already back then which are now museum pieces. Read More HERE

Human beings need healthy sex whether it comes from being with a partner or through masturbation and it has been proven to be a wonderful stress reliever for our 21st Century lifestyles with busy careers, and heavy demands on our time. Sex toys allow you to explore your body the way you choose and experience different pleasures far beyond normal sex.

Masturbation is one aspect o sex still not openly talked about even with close friends and most believe it is just a male thing but that could not be further from the truth.

Many women masturbate daily and statistically over 69% of women own a vibrator with many of them even carrying one in their handbags or purses.

Women vibrator sex toys are plentiful so much so that it can be quite a difficult choice to buy one with so many to choose from.  Like any sex toys, it is smart starting off with the basics in adult toys and then buying different designs in sex toys later as you start becoming comfortable with using them.

A Woman’s First Sex Toys Purchase

When you first arrive at an adult toys shop it may feel a little embarrassing seeing all those vibrators butt plugs love beads and sex dolls and you may quickly feel like closing the page, telling yourself you will come back later. You may even feel silly looking at all sizes colours and shapes of dildos designed to look like penises and rabbit vibrators that seem incredibly complex to use but if this is your first purchase take a deep breath and as mentioned start with the basics…

Once you have used your new sex toy vibrator and enjoyed the immense pleasure and orgasms it brings it won’t be long before you are back to buy something more advanced so that you can truly start experimenting.

A Mans First Sex Toys Purchase.

Men are little more daring when it comes to buying sex toys and there are just as many delightful options to choose from ranging from vagina shaped fleshlights to torsos and real silicone sex dolls.

Today the most popular sex toy is the silicone sex doll and although expensive is a worthwhile sext toy that can give you the closest experience of having sex with a real person.

Silicone sex dolls come with heaters for the vagina area and with some lubrication, you can enjoy a sexual experience like no other.

The closest option to silicone to adult sex toys for men are the half torsos or silicone vaginas which come in a wide array of colours and even with pubic hair in the vagina area for a realistic feel.

Fleshlights are another popular men’s sex toy with the design similar to a vibrator complete with vagina, heating option and even vibrating option available and for enhancing sex with a partner there are cock rings, butt plugs, prosthetic realistic vaginas for cross-dressing and lots more.

Watch this Video of the Latest Technology Male Masturbater With Thrust Features.

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The Manufacture and Designs of Sex Toys.

Silicone sex dolls and sex toys are mainly manufactured using silicone that offers a skin like the velvety feel and many new sex toys including real dolls for men can be heated to body temperature enhancing the experience of making it feel like enjoying sex with a partner.

The advantages of this material are its durability, hypoallergenic and ease of keeping clean which is important considering that sex toys are not cheap.

Older sex toys were made using plastic latex and jellies which not only made them degrade quickly but being porous these materials could cause harm from bacteria and chemical build up from lubricants.

The older garish blow-up dolls for men for examples are a far cry from today’s real adult silicone sex dolls as we talked about previously just as sex toys designs and additional heating and vibrating features are now available for many of these sex toys you can purchase.

Browse a selection of the latest technology in design sex toys for men and women below and order what you like discreetly online shipped worldwide in plain packaging for your convenience. Its time to explore the ultimate pleasure in sexual adventure and it all starts with you!

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